In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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 Plot; The Rising Sun [6/28/2015]

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PostSubject: Plot; The Rising Sun [6/28/2015]   Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:10 pm

The Rising Sun

The wet season is favorable; Prey have ventured much closer to our territory, and the constant downpour is bringing life to our barren lands. The King is proud of his pride, for they have used the most poor of resources to their advantages. It is still quite remarkable how the King has turned nothing, into such a grand thing.

Everyone, make way! For something very special has happened. The King has decided, and his Queen shall be Makala! This lioness has proven to be a powerful and intelligent leader, and has not failed him in any form. She will now be at his side until he is exterminated from this territory. Everyone, be proud and congratulate the new Queen.

The King has been reported of Roho Nguvu's actions, and they have acknowledged his expanding pride. Now, the decision comes.. Will he be friend, or foe to this pride? The King will have to think hard about this, and will listen to just about anyone for advice at this point, for his mind is desperate for opinions other than his own juvenile self.

- [O]Mating Season -

- [X]Wet Season -
- [O]Dry Season -
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Plot; The Rising Sun [6/28/2015]
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