In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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PostSubject: Rivals   Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:27 am

Ever wonder who we are truly rivaled by? Well look no further than here! For your lazy butt leader has finally published this!

Mwanga Mechi

Leader(s); Cessair & Bear
Status: Aggressive

Despite the vocal treaty that was established between Domo & Cessair, we will forever behave aggressive towards them once along our borders. They have done nothing but look down upon us, and has even taken a valued member of ours. Do not kill on sight, but do give a warning. If they still pursue, take them down by any methods necessary.

Roho Nguvu

Leader(s); Itakadi
Status: Aggressive

A long history has conflicted Roho Nguvu and the Dominion's interests, evidently leading to total aggression upon meeting each other. Granted, this conflict is merely between Domo and the leader of RN, but it's still expected to behave aggressively towards them.


Leader(s); None
Status: Neutral

Any and all loners are to remain neutral, relationships established on pure personality and experience. Once proved to be a threat, take action if only among our borders. We do not wish to harm any loners trying to make it in life, but if they dare attempt to demolish ours, we will unite and show how true we are.

(Updated 11/12/2015)
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