In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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 Real Life calls

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PostSubject: Real Life calls   Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:32 am

'Sup, it's me, the newest little nerd, Addakax.

Due to circumbstances in real life, I won't be able to log in almost at all -- either in game or in this site. This is because some days I shall be away from the computer that has all the info for this (Maps, internet cookies that remember this site when I open up a browser, FERAL HEART, etc.) for a few days in a row at a time. I will always return for another few days in a row though, and even MORE eventually, I'll manage to return fully. Till then, take care, Dominions.

I'll leave my skype username here if you wish to find me; sassacrushed
-Addie. <3
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Real Life calls
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