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 Trainee Branches

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PostSubject: Trainee Branches   Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:26 pm

Trainees include all teens within the pride, excluding Prince and Princess. These are teens deemed old enough to begin their training to decide which rank they most desire. They must speak to the King or Queen in order to be promoted to their desired Basic Rank.

Credited to Kurudi for helping

C u b s i t t e r

Cubsitters are adolescent females who wish to go into the Birthmother path. They learn not only about general cub care, but also how to deliver cubs in the case that a Cleric is not present. They are often given a single cub to watch in order to prove themselves as a proper future Birthmother, if any cubs are available. If anything is to happen to that cub that they could prevent, they are stripped of their rank and may not become Birthmother, for if they cannot watch over a single Youth, how are they to care for multiple?

- Branch of "Birthmother"
- Restricted to lionesses

D e l i n q u e n t

Delinquents are adolescents who wish to go into the Rogue path. They are mischievous little ones, and are known to steal from their mentors in order to prove their worth. They may or may not be praised for their thievery, depending on the personality of their mentor. They are frequently tested to gauge their stealth, and may be asked to practice torture techniques on slaves or prisoners. If they show that they are too soft-hearted, they will be forbidden from picking up the rank. Rogues are cold-blooded killers, not babies who cry over a stubbed toe.

- Branch of "Rogue"
- Troublemakers

S q u i r e

Squires are adolescents who are training to go into the Henchman/Henchwoman path. They tend to be the bigger cubs from the litter, but not always. They typically hold a decent amount of muscle and might be the ones most prone to the most insane growth spurts. If your cub isn't cut out to be anything better, well... You're shoved into the Squire position to become cannon fodder. Squires are often forced to spar with one another, and the one who wins the most spars is said to be the most promising of the batch. Some of the weaker Squires may be forced to engage in back-breaking labor by their mentors in order to build up muscle.

- Branch of "Henchman"
- The spares of the pride

T r a p p e r

Trappers are adolescents who wish to become Hunters. They look like they're born to hunt: They typically are slender and quick on their feet, with eyes as sharp as a hawk's. Since prey is so scarce in the Dominion lands, Trappers are rarely trusted to go on actual hunts due to their low expertise: They instead get their training through setting creative but simple traps, such as ambushing a rabbit's warren by hiding in a bush by the hole. They might train with Delinquents to improve stealth.

- Branch of "Hunter"
- Intelligent/Cunning

D i v i n e r

A Diviner is someone who is training to become a part of the Cleric branch. While they may be called 'Diviners', do not think of them as something divine. They are by far some of the most dangerous of the trainees - Because part of their first lessons is what not to feed their clients. Of course, this means they now have a knowledge of poisons, and that means they're sneaky little brats. They tend to be cranky and more mature for their age, or just so useless that they can only ever hope to serve the pride by memorizing herbs. Don't cross a Diviner, though; Teenager or not, some of them are as bitter as the leaves they make you chew. Their training is typical of any other kind of medic: Herb memorization and treatments.

- Branch of "Cleric"
- Intelligent

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Trainee Branches
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