In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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 The Guard Dog

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PostSubject: The Guard Dog   Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:22 pm

The night barreled down drops of a clear liquid, like the sky cried. Weeping at the presence of an approaching carnage. Thundering paws echoed the sounds of the clouds.

A breath huffed from a large, darkly colored figure. Spots lined their back like the patterns the rain made upon the dirt. It was the princess of the one and only Domo's Dominion. Standing before a male lion, hate in his eyes. She would simply scoff and seat herself on the damp terrain.

"What exactly do you think your doing?" The lioness's voice chuffed in question. Like smooth, burning molten lava. Her tone was almost cheery, but her face was furrowed with every annoyed expression.

The male stared for a moment, his shoulders pushed up in a defensive manner. "Hunting." He would simply roll off his tongue. Thinking none of the female. A mistake was made.

She stood and snarled. "Is this your territory?" Anger tainting the very soul of the feline. The darkly pelted mammal began to circle the male. Taking note of his stature, he stance. The way he carried himself, this lion was awfully cocky.

A crack of thunder bashed against the ground like colliding paws, and when the sky had cleared of the roar, a face to face stare held the male coldly. "I believe not.." She huffed and before the male could react, the lioness quickly swiped her paw to slap the lion. He snarled, immediately collecting himself and moving in to return an attack.

She was gone. He had pounced where she once stood but when he opened his eyes, the lioness was gone. Looking around, he snarled out to her. The very breath in his lungs busted out of his body as a mass collided into his side. There she was, there all along.

The two felines tumbled briefly down the hill they once stood upon. As soon as the movement stopped, Niita slammed the male against the earth. Snarling a hair away from his face. Not a word was spoken from her, as for the other, he snapped. Kicking his legs about, attempting to get the lioness off.

Niita jumped off, just to hear his words. "You stupid lioness. I bet your pride sees you as a useless worm on the grou--" Words of the male completely broken off as the princess jabbed her talons into his side. Slapping him off to the left.

The two eventually locked eyes again, a hollowed carcass of a child standing at the top of that hill. Barreling down a furious stare towards the male. It struck fear through his very frame as she stepped forward. Growing closer and closer, he stood. Rolling his shoulders and keeping his eyes on her.

As their bodies met up, he lashed out. Snapping his jaws in a crazy, informal pattern. Just wanting to trap her within his ivories. Niita was quick though, slamming her back paw on the ground. It briefly lifted her from the earth, allowing her to come around and grasp the male by the throat.

She lashed back, shaking her head about with the feline still in her mouth. Letting go, she liked to let her kills run a little. The male stepped back and coughed, hacking on the floor. He was close to defeat.

Slowly, he stepped forward. Lifting his frame and putting force into his paws, attempting to slam on the lioness. She extended her leg and kicked the male from the bottom jaw. Then slipping around to grasp his tail within her maw. The lioness yanked until she heard his shriek. The pride male then snarled back at her.

That stupid feline- she was gone again. The male panicked, dashing around in circles in attempt to discover her hiding place. A loud snarl enacted from the top of an acacia tree.

Slamming as hard as possible onto the weak male's spine. A loud crack, similar to the night's thunder, came from the lion.

His body fell like the rain.

Slamming onto the earth like the lightning.

The very life pooled from his mouth, drips of crimson nectar.

A wheezing breath came from the lion as Niita approached to hear his final words. "Warn th-" The carcass wouldn't allow anymore speech. Silence was due. She slammed her paw down onto his throat. Choking him before everything was gone. And the world went silent.

Still the sky continued to weep as the feline stood and turned. Leaving the body to be scavenged by vultures in the morning.

The loyal guard dog returned home.
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The Guard Dog
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