In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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 Plot; Demonic Spawns [9/19/2015]

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PostSubject: Plot; Demonic Spawns [9/19/2015]   Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:04 pm

D e m o n i c - S p a w n s

That's right kids! Makala has finally given birth to her litter of cubs! The lucky father, Domo, had fainted nearly half way through the process, leaving the Sorceress, Chioma, to deal with more than a bundle of joy. We are proud to welcome our Princess Niita into the pride, alongside the Princes Ratte and Damon! 
If you so dare as to touch them, you'll be dealing with Domo's back paw.

Anyways, I'd like to start announcing some very magnificent promotions!
Congrats to;
The lovely Witch Doctor has finally been promoted to a Sorceress, where she now resides beside Domo to heal him of whatever the hell he gets trapped in. We can only pray that his stupidity isn't contagious.

The devilishly handsome Gladiator has been recognized of his true beauty and grace of the martial arts, and has been promoted to become a Samurai! He will now deal with those pesky brutes that oppose Domo in much harsher matters, as well as those who invade his skeleton den.

That charming little angel has been seen doing her hunting like a true stalker. Fear not, for she has been promoted to a true Stalker! Hopefully this silly lioness will make us proud in her advances!

Now, as the handsome, gallant, smexy Domo recovers from his fainting, we'll announce the current plot.

[o] Mating Season

[x] Wet season
[o] Dry Season

The wet season is upon us! Let us flourish in it's rain, and bring back life that was once lost in the drought. We pray that those who have been romantic over the drought have still stayed together, and will hopefully bring the pride an interesting bundle of joy. 

Within the drought, the Dominion have caught scents of another pride lurking about, one that was small and new. This has not been truly confirmed, but the King has alerted all his members to be cautious when outside their borders, especially to the Birth mothers who watch over his newborn young..
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Plot; Demonic Spawns [9/19/2015]
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