In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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 {My Demons}

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PostSubject: {My Demons}   Fri Sep 11, 2015 4:57 am

{ M y - D e m o n s }
Domo's Revolt

The day.. I will never forget it. The skies above were dark, crimson lined. It was as if hell itself was descending upon this forsaken earth, and it would soon appoint me as it's heroine, it's King.

"Domo," a soft, caring voice had reached the ebony brute, making his barrel heave with a heavy sigh. He was perched upon a regular stone, and far within his youth. He had quite the dainty little mane, one that was grayish black instead of it's dark, charcoal hue. His body was unscathed, in fact quite well groomed and clean. His frame was more of a silhouette against the sunset, which had cast crimson rays along the savannah. The voice, why did it give him such a fuzzy feeling? He fixated his brilliant azure gaze upon this lioness, who's pelt was nothing more than of golden hue. His sister, the only one that his mother truly favored. He had such a mixture of jealousy and admiration to his equal, something he could never say about his father.
"What, Flower?" His voice was young and soft, unlike anything you've heard before. As for Flower? Quite the simple nickname, for she resembled that of a golden wildflower that blossomed around the dens. "You.. You weren't serious before, right?" There it was again, the same question she asked right after the collision between himself, and the King.
His teeth gritted together, and his claws extended on to the surface of the rock. He growled lowly, but within his disturbed mental state, he had bobbed his head. This made Flower gulp, and her haunches lower to the ground. She began to swallow something, whether it was sadness or some sort of word that was much too big to comprehend. "Just.. Please, promise me this."
"I won't promise crap-"
"Listen to me you hot headed bastard," her voice had escalated, and her tone took on a whole new idea. "Let.. Just let Father live. I don't care what has happened, just don't." Her words were so confusing to the youth, but he must heed them, for he didn't desire to fight his kin. Although it was this conversation that had began a new fire within him..

This very day, it had begun. It was a revolution, one that would overthrow this damned hierarchy for a new one. That's right, a house divided against itself cannot stand, so you start a war. This dispute, it was perfect. Lions, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers! The bloodshed was something to behold, for the only glorious death, was to go out in fight of something you believe in. As for Domo? Well, this was where he began his reign of terror. The ebony brute could be found within this bloodshed, high a top a mighty pillar. His jaw was unlocked, and within his grasp was the Queen herself. She was fairly pale, almost white, her eyes darting back and forth as blood flowed out of her snout. He let out a mighty roar, one that was powerful and matured far beyond his actual age. The Queen, her eyes.. They held such betrayal, such grief and astonishment. After his earth shaking roar had ended, his lips had came close to her ears, and his frown had started to curl into his trademark grin.
"You gorgeous whore.. I hope Father cares enough about you to show, or else your death will truly be forgotten." He rolled his tongue along her cranium, resting his frame over her limp body. "Not like anyone ever gave a crap about you. Just remember, your precious flower didn't beg for you to be spared." His tongue rolled along her scruff, and then he did it. His fangs rooted deep in her throat, and he began his ravenous revenge. Sweet, delicious, wholesome revenge. It had never tasted so good before..

Although his body froze, and his azure eyes sharpened on a dashing figure. A roar reached his ears from the figure, and then his grin grew crazed. The entire battle had parted, just to make way for the two. A golden brute, an elder of unknown age and wisdom had prowled to the dead center. His emerald gaze was fierce, his pupils contracted into feral slits. "You devil child!" The voice boomed, "come down here, fight me! Do what you were told, be the good little bitch you always were."

Domo's steps were light as he fell, a small cloud of dust having rose in his wake. How symbolic such a thing was. Weren't his exact words "everything my crimson paws touch, will be desolated"? He began to prowl towards his very King, his father. The King, he was pathetic, worthless. He has resulted into nothing, and worst of all, he had made this beast, this ebony demon, manifest into a physical form. Now, he will be eradicated from the very sperm his mate conceived. Although, this demon gave no words to the king. No, he had no human mentality anymore. It was a beast, definitely. The King was ready to attack, but just as he was about to speak, Domo had jolted. He was like a viper, his attack aimed directly for throat, completely lethal and terrorizing to any spectators. As for the King? Well, the behemoth had rose to his hind legs, his thick, bulging forelimbs hugging his demonic son as they tumbled along the earth. Lions and lionesses alike had scrambled out of the way, still mysteriously keeping their form of a ring around them. No one had dared to intervene such a marvelous fight.
Certainly Domo had not failed to get such a grasp upon his father, although his father didn't fail to get a grasp upon him either. The two were holding each other's throats, both shaking vigorously and yowling in some sort of pain. This was it, this was the day he'd make his stand. His hind limb lifted, only to apply pressure along the underbelly of his father. His jaw began to crunch down on the lungs, and this made the lack of oxygen far greater for his damned father. His father, weakened, had began to gasp for air. More, more, he could practically hear his father's words that echoed within his instinct. He could feel the bastard's body shake, and he thought suffocation would best fit this King, for all he had done was suffocate the demon with the burden of sins. It was his last breath, or so it would seem.

That bastard, his own kin. Her cranium rammed heavily into the side of his barrel, causing him to be thrown off his damned King and to drift along the earth's surface. His pads burned along the semi-stone layer, and his azure gaze glared at the lioness. "You demon! You.. You.. You monster!" Her words were laced with venom, her eyes glimmering with shed tears. His heart, that small, weak little organ, began to inflate and constrict into some sort of unknown pain. His lips were stained crimson, and his forelock had covered his luring azure gaze.
"Flower, --"
"Leave!" The lioness had pounced over the King, only to release a frightening, high pitched roar that hurt his ears in many ways. His eyes closed tightly, and then he inhaled sharply. "My own sibling.." He murmured, steadily approaching the little flower. "You've gone against me, betrayed me.. You're too much like Father and Mother," his eyes slowly opened, and they fixated on the now trembling doll. "You're too far gone, to be spared.." His behemoth frame loomed over his young kin, and his lips began to curl into a sick, disgusting frown. Little Flower, her body curled over her father, had began to hiss and tear at the sight of Domo.

"You made a promise!" She shouted at him. "I made a deal with the devil! My life, for his! This is equal, is it not? We're of the same blood, it still matters!" She pleaded, begged for her father to be spared of this plague, this demon of unknown mentality. His azure gaze was nothing but absolute judgement, and then he acted upon instinct. His jaw locked around his sister's, and he laid a paw along her shoulder. It was a swift action, truly. He tore open her throat, blood splattering along his ebony pelt, showering his King beneath. "Mercy," he had muttered as the blood sprayed his ebony pelt, bathing him in his own kin's blissful nectar. He had looked down at his King, and could not dare believe what he had done. Within that King's reflection, he had seen nothing but the true demon he was. His head shook furiously, and he leaped away from the sight. He had murdered his sister, his mother, well, that whore was of no use anyway. As for the King? He gave no damns about him. The only thing that'll ever scar his memory, will be his sister's dying words of protection and insanity. How she had sacrificed herself for a cause she so believed in.. His chest had heaved, and his body began to shake. The pride began to approach him, their numbers large and fangs revealed. His barrel expanded, and he had let out a booming roar that had made them scatter like beasts of prey.

"Pathetic," he had snarled, although his mind told him otherwise. His steps were leisurely, his gait nothing more than a trot as he padded off from the sight. Don't look back, don't ever look back. You're a criminal now, you're a monster. You don't deserve life, you don't deserve love. You don't even deserve death, no. You deserve to starve, to be stripped of your flesh and be hung along a hook for all eternity. For buzzards to eat away at your innards, and for your precious nectar to be drained until every last bloody drop was stolen. Yes, this was what he deserved. He deserved to be a victim of his own insanity, and to belong to it, in this prolonged demise..

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{My Demons}
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