In these barren plains, forsaken to death and plague, will you survive?
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K i n g

The King rules over all, and is chosen only through pure bloodline. He declares war against others, and announces new lions into the pride. His main job is to overlook all that is going on within his borders, and outside his borders.

- Highest authority
- Royalty
- Promotes lions

Q u e e n

The Queen has the same authority as the King, although she is more of an adviser to The King, and overlooks his judgement to be sure it's fitting. She can announce new lions into the pride in any incident, such as if The King is away.

- Highest authority
- Royalty
- Promotes lions

P r i n c e / P r i n c e s s

Cubs born from the King and Queen, they are highly respected and treated with the highest respect, other than the King and Queen. They have the privlege of eating first, and of commanding the Low Ranks around.

- High respect
- First to eat
- Commanding Low Ranks

R o y a l G u a r d

Protectors of the royal bloodline, the Royal Guard is one of the highest rankings, and are most respected other than the King and Queen. They are excellent fighters, as well as practical ninjas. They have to be able to appear, and disappear in quite a reasonable time. Other than protecting the royal bloodline, they act as a substitute for the King and Queen when either of them are unable to be there. (Hunting, Patrolling, Meeting, etc.)

- High Respect
- Earned Rank
- Mastered Combat and Stealth
- Protect Royal Bloodline
- Back-up King/Queen

S o r c e r e s s / W a r l o c k

One of the almighty Noblemen, the Sorcerer or Warlock is the elite of the "Cleric" class. They have surpassed all odds, and have seemed to cheated death far beyond anyone's recognition. Their skills in healing are by far unmatched, and they are known for having brought the dead back to life, a cruel process truly. Their position in the pride is practically close to Demi-Gods. They advise the King and Queen on what they should do from life experience, and in times they may act on their own behalf. They are required to handle anything within their own base ranks, and promote their members to higher rankings.

- Demi-Gods
- Highest Honor
- Promote "Cleric" base ranks
- Healing 10/10

C a n n i b a l

One of the few noblemen, the Cannibals are under the "Hunter" base rank. Their skills in the hunt are by far matched by gods only, and their movements are vicious. They're compared to that of vipers, for once they strike, they're fatal and god damned painful. Their hunger is unsatisfied, and they always long for the thrill of a good hunt. Their position in the pride is feared, for they don't hesitate upon the kill. If you're moving, you're prey. They advise the King and Queen on battle tactics, and inform them on the prey's migration patterns to allow a good income of food. The reason they have been given the title "Cannibal" was for their merciless killing, whether it's kin or prey.

- Cold blooded killers
- Highest Honor
- Promote "Hunter" base ranks
- Hunting 10/10

B l a d e D a n c e r / S a m u r a i

One of the few noblemen ranks, the Blade Dancers and Samurai are supreme at war and tactics. They are known for grace, precision, and lack of human sympathy. They have an undying loyalty to the Royal bloodline, and will not give even a single note of rebellion to their King and Queen's orders, even if it were to execute themselves. Their lives are based on honor and respect, and are possibly the most feared within the pride. They promote their "Henchmen" base rank, and are used within the pride as generals to train the underlings, and to lead in war.

- Ruthless/Merciless
- Highest Honor
- Promote "Henchmen" base rank
- Combat 10/10

R a n g e r / T h i e f

One of the most elusive noblemen, the Ranger and Thiefs are the most effective and supreme members of the noblemen. They're base advisory is the "Rogue", having advanced themselves in the area of being fast and lethal. They're rule is leave no one alive, to me absolutely merciless and act on pure instinct. They're often compared to as vipers or hawks within the pride, for once they're noticed, it's already too late.

- Merciless, Instinctive
- Highest Honor
- Feared
- Promote "Rogue" base rank
- Stealth/Clever 10/10

B r o o d m o t h e r

The Brood mother is the Noble version of a Birthmother/Caretaker. She organizes all of the cubs to Caretakers and Birthmothers, and is typically the go-to for the King and Queen to care for their cubs. She isn't just some soft, motherly character though: The Brood mother can be compared to a dragon. There is nothing stronger than her mother's instinct to protect and defend, and can and will kill to defend them at any cost. Brood mothers are typically large in stature and caring towards cubs.

- Protective, Merciless & Motherly
- Highest Honor
- Promote "Birthmother" base rank
- Motherly Instinct & Strength 10/10

W i t c h D o c t o r

Witch Doctors are the promoted Clerics of the pride, and are highly looked upon. Their skills of healing are considered godly, and have been acknowledged by the King and Queen. They have been known to reawaken lions and lionesses from near death, and have been known to bless the pride with good fortune, such as good weather and plentiful prey. This promoted rank is also featured in many ceremonies, including the "Birthing" and "Promotion (Cleric)".

- Very high respect
- Earned rank
- Mastered healing
- Perform rituals

S t a l k e r

Stalkers are the promoted rank of hunters and huntresses, and are highly valued among the pride. Their skills of prowling and sneak attacks have been noticed by the King and Queen, and they have earned their promotion. All hunters and huntresses must obey this promoted rank in any hunting expedition, or they will receive punishment from the Stalkers. They participate in the "Promotion (Hunter)" ritual.

- Very high respect
- Earned rank
- Mastered Stealth and Agile
- Participate in Rituals

G l a d i a t o r

Gladiators are the promoted rank of Henchmen/Henchwomen, very highly respected within the pride. They have mastered the art of combat and out smarting their enemy, these skills being acknowledged by the King and Queen. They are absolute brutes, their minds set on the kill. They think of nothing else but self-satisfaction, for only a sinful beast could truly kill another lion or lioness without hesitation. The Gladiators participate in the "Promotion (Henchmen)" ritual.

- Very high respect
- Earned rank
- Mastered Combat and Wisdom
- Participate in rituals

A s s a s s i n

Assassins are the promoted rank of Rogue, and are highly respected within the pride. They've mastered the art of sneaking and deceiving, and most are required to act on the blink of an eye. They lead all scouting missions, and are required to find out specific information that only the Royal Ranks should know. The Assassins participate in the "Promotion (Rogue)" ritual.

- Very high respect
- Earned rank
- Mastered Stealth and Deceiving
- Participates in rituals

C a r e t a k e r

Caretakers are a gender restricted rank, only available to lionesses. This is also a promoted rank from Birth mothers. They are highly respected and have mastered their mother's intuition and are overall helpful and kind. They look over all mothers and their cubs, and are to teach the cubs their basic skills as they grow older to help them survive within this pride. They may leave the borders, unlike their basic rank, to show cubs how to hunt and track prey. They participate in the "Promotion (Birth mother)" ritual.

- Very high respect
- Promoted rank
- Mastered Motherly Instinct and Social Skills
- Participates in rituals

C l e r i c

Clerics are the basic healers in the pride, and aren't that highly looked upon. Their methods of healing are considered complete sorcery, but one wouldn't complain if they've been healed from certain death. Their primary duties are to accompany any out-of-territory expeditions in case a lion gets injured. Within camp, they are to treat the elderly and gather herbs.

- Slight respect
- Expeditions
- Healing

H u n t e r/H u n t r e s s

Hunters and Huntresses are the basic providers in the pride. They were born to hunt, and treasure their skills. They are respected mainly because they provide food for the pride, and will hunt for anything, even herbs for the Clerics.

- Respected
- Provide
- Excel in Hunting

H e n c h m a n/H e n c h w o m a n

Henchman and Henchwoman are the low ranking warriors in the pride. They are either too poor at the other ranks, or have not yet been deemed worthy of promotion. They usually walk around camp, and are always the first in any battle, their lives seen as a shield to the pride. Due to this, they are looked rather up to, because if they don't die for the pride, then it's the other's heads.

- Respected
- Fight
- Excel in Agile

R o g u e

Rogues are basic scouts and scavengers, used to protect the borders and retrieve anything the pride needs. They usually border the territory, mostly alone or in a pack of three at most. They bring back an observations to their promoted ranks, and then continue on their daily lives. They are barely recognized as a rank, despite their importance to the pride.

- Low respect
- Scout and Report
- Excel in Sneaking and Memory

B i r t h m o t h e r

Birth-mothers is a gender restricted rank, only available to lionesses. They take care of the cubs when their mothers aren't around, also including mothers who have recently given birth. They are highly looked upon for they care for all cubs, even the royal heritage. They almost never leave camp, and have the authority to request food and herbs to care for the cubs, and themselves.

- High respect
- Stay in territory and Watch over cubs
- Excel in Motherly Instincts and Compassion

Y o u t h

Youths include all of the cubs within the pride, excluding the Prince and Princess. The youths are deemed cubs until they have learned to hunt. With that learned, they will then have to decide what ranking they will choose.

- Birthed rank
- Very little freedom
- Not much respect

T r a i n e e

Trainees include all teens within the pride, excluding Prince and Princess. These are teens deemed old enough to begin their training to decide which rank they most desire. They must speak to the King or Queen in order to be promoted to their desired Basic Rank.

- Teen
- More Freedom
- Little Respect

W i s e m a n

Wise man include all elders of the pride that have earned a decent retirement. They speak of the olden days, and how their lives used to be when they were young. Often, they are sought out for guidance, since they've experienced a full life of mistakes and regrets. They are always the first to eat, and the last to fight.

- High respect
- Wisdom
- First to Eat, Last to Fight
- Elder Rank

T r a i t o r

Traitors are the worst scum in this world, and are looked down as pests and vermin. Once a lion or lioness has betrayed the pride by breaking the law, they will have a choice. To either be a slave to this pride for eternity, or be killed by the jaws of the current King, for the world doesn't need a deceiving back stabber like these pests.

- No benefits

S l a v e

Slaves to the pride are treated like welcome mats. They are continuously used until they die, whether it be for battle practice, running ridiculous errands, or even a simple sacrifice just for the laughs. This rank can be achieved by being a traitor, or being an lion or lioness of an opposing pride.

-No benefits

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